Comfort Inn in Ashville, NC

Our Bikes, Again
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Don't ask me why there's another picture of our bikes in the parking lot. I just couldn't figure out which angle I liked, so I posted both. It is MY web page after all! Actually, it's striking how much smaller than the RT the FJR's seem. It's the same impression when piloting them, and it truly translates into a more sporty feeling (even when you're barely using the throttle).

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NIKON D70 using 18.0-70.0(mm) F3.5-F4.5 at 35 mm on 8/14/2004 10:08:26 AM
Exp 1/320 sec, F9 at ISO 200 using Program Normal 0 EV, Multi-Segment, WB Auto, Sharpening Auto, Tone Auto, Hue 0, NR Off, Single autofocus (AF-S)