In the Parking Lot Before Breakfast

Breakfast Pose
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My trip to Georgia had three purposes. The first was to pickup my new '05 FJR1300. The second was to deliver my '03 RT to my dad. His trying to decide to buy it or not nearly drove us all insane, but in the end, he really wanted it. The third was for us to all do some riding together. The locals (my brother and his friend) were going to take dad (also a local) and me on a tour of some nice N. Georgia roads before we headed over towards Deal's Gap. The irony is that EVERYONE who tries to drive through Gainsville gets LOST. So, the foreigner with the GPS (ie: me) ended up leading a short stint of this ride. It was pretty easy as I just followed my Garmin 276C's lead to our intended road. Finally we arrived at the Breakfast destination.

Copyright © 2004 Christopher T. Forand

NIKON D70 using 18.0-70.0(mm) F3.5-F4.5 at 18 mm on 8/13/2004 11:20:31 AM
Exp 1/320 sec, F9 at ISO 200 using Program Normal 0 EV, Multi-Segment, WB Auto, Sharpening Auto, Tone Auto, Hue 0, NR Off, Single autofocus (AF-S)